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Home decor!

Two small words that hold so much in them that its not only hard to define but even harder to actually do the work! The question very often is, where do we start? And its a big one! That's exactly what we are going to cover today. Let's dive right into it.

Form Follows Function:

First things first. People often buy large beautiful and highly fragile pieces which, no doubt, make their interiors look great but also keep them awake at night about bumping that piece onto the ground and turning it into a thousand little ones! There is not much point in having a beautiful home that is hard to live in due to that very beauty of it.

This is why, when selecting a new piece, the first thing you should think about is functionality. Will this piece be difficult to clean or maintain? Will it hinder movements around a certain place in the house? Would it be too easy to knock this piece over and break it? Consider all of these points before investing in any new piece for your house. The answer would offcourse depend of where you intend to keep it. Something large in size and fragile can still be invested in if its to be hung higher up on a wall or if it is for a wider area where there is ample space around it. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness:

Yes Yes yes, we know you hate it :D But its too important to not mention in our list.

You might already have some home decor pieces at home but when was the last time you actually cleaned them? We have an Eagle statue at our office which is a few years old now and was last cleaned long ago (read: never). Just a few days ago we decided to clean it with shampoo water and a brush. The thing looks almost real now and might as well fly off anytime :D 

So, before you get a new piece, make sure you have a system in place to get the old ones cleaned at regular interval. It keeps your house looking nice and fresh all the times. Also consider how easy or hard would it be to clean a new piece that you may be willing to invest in. A ligher color item may be easier to maintain than a dark one so choose accordingly.

Decide a theme:

Home decor in Pakistan is usually done very randomly. You don't usually see a theme or structure  in place for the pieces that are bought. This beautiful house we visited few days ago in Lahore was a mess when it came to home decor. 

The right way to do it would be to decide a theme before you start adding items to your collection. By theme, we mean at the very least deicide the colors your want in your house.

Take one room at a time:

Find a centerpiece:

Work around the centerpiece:

Don't overdo it:

Keep an eye:

Our recommendations for centerpieces:


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